Whew it’s been a long day and it’s not quite over yet!! I stayed up late prepping for a play date

Whew it’s been a long day and it’s not quite over yet!! I stayed up late prepping for a play date, woke up finished prepping for the Christmas Play date, made breakfast, had a play date at my house, took AJ to school, went to the grocery store, finished up a second batch of Christmas cards, wrapped some gifts and packaged up boxes to mail out, and now getting ready to take my little guy to church for his Nativity play rehearsal which will mean we’ll be out until late tonight! The only thing keeping me going is this stick of some plant based natural products!!
No nap needed, this momma has the energy she needs to do everything she’s gotta do!! Save on the perfect presents and stocking stuffers for the entire family with eat24 coupon code $5.

for nuclear victims remembrance day

for nuclear victims remembrance day…
In the beginning, there was peace. Let there be
peace once again for Hiroshima, Nagasaki,
and the Marshall Islands. Let there be peace
for the Navajo and Shoshone Nations. Let there be
peace for Mororua, Fangataufa, Kirimati,
Maralinga, Amchitka, Montebello, and Malden.
Let there be peace for the downwinders,
from Guam to Utah to every irradiated ecology.
Let there be peace, truth, and healing
because there is no half-life of grief when
a loved one dies from radiation poisoning.
There is no half-life of sorrow when our children
inherit this toxic legacy, this genetic and
generational aftermath, this fission of worlds.
Let there be compassionate and just compensation
for our entire nuclear family. Let there be the safe
disposal of waste and the cleaning of abandoned mines.
Let there be the disarmament of the violent nucleus
within nations. Let there be a proliferation of peace
for our children. Let there be stories of creation
and not stories of annihilation. Let there be a sublime
peace that will illuminate their radiant futures.

all my Bay Area friends: I will be performing at the University of San Francisco on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28 7:30 – 9:30 p

all my Bay Area friends: I will be performing at the University of San Francisco on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. hope to see you there
“In fall 2018, the University of San Francisco will launch an Honors College that helps top students become global citizens equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.
Please join us for this pre-launch event featuring a reading from USF alumnus Craig Santos Perez ’06, MFA in Writing.”

very cool to see the University of Toronto’s Center for Comparative Literature conference focusing on “The Ocean and the Seas

very cool to see the University of Toronto’s Center for Comparative Literature conference focusing on “The Ocean and the Seas.” one of the presentations addresses my work:
“Tha fhios gu bheil fàire / eile air fàire: Borders, boats, islands, oceans” Nathaniel Harrington (University of Toronto)
“[This paper examines] the relationships between islands, oceans and ocean travel, (physical) boats, and futurity in poems by Chamorro poet Craig Santos Perez, Māori poet Robert Sullivan, and Scottish Gaelic poet Caoimhin MacNèill. How do island poets use boats — integral to island life around the world — in their poetry? How is the ocean imagined not (or not solely) as a limit but as a space that can be traversed? What possibilities does the ocean — and travel thereon — afford these poets’ communities? Briefly: how do island poets use the space of the ocean, and boats as a means of travel over and within it, to imagine futures for marginalized and indigenous island communities and refuse dominant discourses that have rendered them both peripheral and futureless?

happy to share that our film-poem, “praise song for oceania,” will be screened at the Waiora Maori Film Festival in Aotearoa this year! about the…

happy to share that our film-poem, “praise song for oceania,” will be screened at the Waiora Maori Film Festival in Aotearoa this year! about the festival:
“The festival screens feature films, short films, documentaries and multi-media art works all directed by Maori, written by Maori, or featuring people of Maori descent in an acting or documentary role.
Alongside the Maori programme, we have screened indigenous film works from all around the world. Indigenous film makers have travelled to the festival from such diverse destinations as Canada, Australia, United States, Mexico, Taiwan, the Philippines and Samoa.
Festival guests mix and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of time for kai and korero, continuous film screenings in our marae, with time out for hot pools and bush walks at neighbouring Morere.”

“Disarming a Nation”

“Disarming a Nation”
can we be safe
anywhere, if
our military commits
mass shootings
everywhere else?
can we control
guns at home,
if our government
sells them abroad?
can we end
our toxic culture
of violence,
if our country wages
endless wars
of terror?
can we disarm
a nation,
if we don’t demilitarize
our imagination?

Vietnam Hoi An Tours – Special Experience For Holidays

 Cuisine is a pride of the Vietnamese, when there are not many times, the delicious dishes of Vietnam are in the top, even being praised as the ‘best in the world’. Review 10 dishes that perhaps not visitors come to Vietnam without wanting to try.
1. Breads
The website of concierge.com of American travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler called Nguyen Trai barbecue pavement (District 1 – HCMC) by Ms. Gai as "the best bread in the world". , Vietnamese sandwiches are also voted on by the National Geographic Magazine as the most popular street food in the world.
2. Xeo Cakes
One of the 40 best Vietnamese dishes selected by CNN.
3. Khot Cakes
Spicy Cake is one of the best in the world at the International Street Food Festival in Singapore 2013.


Nem Ran is the traditional food of Vietnam.
Nem Ran is the traditional food of Vietnam.
4. Banana sticky rice
(Dishes by Ngo Thi Bich Thuy – sales in Phu Nhuan district, Binh Thanh, HCMC). This is one of the best food in the world at the International Street Food Festival in Singapore 2013.
5. Phở bò
Beef noodle soup is selected by CNN as the best food in the world (2011) Not many choices such as beef, chicken, sauce … phở "bưng" only the right pho Hanoi style as writer Nguyen Tuan Beef noodle with enough crispy crisps, fat dough, long noodles, chopped green onions and many flowers. This weekend will be easy to meet Pho hungry customers eat two bowl full bowl.
6. square nem
Located modest on the sidewalks of lemon tea street Dao Duy Tu with the sign "Nem square crabs", the restaurant is a familiar address for those who find a meal underwear. The most crowded square at noon, the pavement and small dining room almost no space. And if you come here on weekends, it is easy to see the customer waiting.
Nem square is CNN voted one of the most attractive street food in Asia. As the name implies, the rolls here are not long as traditional but square small beautiful. Square noodles are said to come from Hai Phong, but are now available in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
7.Fish fry
"Backpackers" to Hanoi can not ignore La Vong fish fry, it is a name that is regularly mentioned on every pocketbook guide. The house is still bold architectural architecture – No. 14 Cha Ca street, where the integrity of the soul of fish fry Ha Noi over a century ago.
Patricia Schultz has brought La Vong fish dish to "1,000 Places to See Before You Die". MSNBC chose La Vong Ha Noi Cha Ca restaurant in the fifth place in 10 places, so it was good to know before dying (2003).
8- Nem fried
The "Spice Garden" restaurant at Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi is the place to introduce Vietnamese dishes to international travelers vietnamhoiantours.com/. Nem fry chefs here create more "version" to match the guests from many cultures in the world.
CNN voted as Top 10 best food in Vietnam, spring rolls (spring rolls) with noodles have long been considered as the ambassador of Vietnamese cuisine.
9- Crab noodle soup
In 2012, crab vermicelli has been voted CNN is one of the most attractive dish in Asia.
10- Bun noodle
CNN voted as one of the 25 most attractive summer dishes in the world (2013) Like many other desserts, the most important noodle is the sauce. In addition to vinegar, garlic and pickles are sour, Nga’s restaurant still retains old Hanoi people’s use of boiled water to boil the water in. Boiled water has a sour taste, hot summer guests can be added to the fruit bowl in the sauce. The vinegar is not sour with rice vinegar but it is very tender to eat

Reflecting On 2017:, America plunged citizens deep into a new brand of madness

Reflecting On 2017:
America plunged citizens deep into a new brand of madness. There was virtually no break from election madness. Right away, there was Trump madness. Fatigue hit soon after, and every other day gave new gravitas to the question: What fresh hell is this?
Did he really say that? Did he really do that? Do they honestly believe that? Can they do that? Well, I guess they can do that. Well, I guess they are going to do that, aren’t they?
There definitely were days, where it was too much to check in on the latest developments in the tragedy and farce known as the 45th Presidency of the United States.
It’s funny. Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. Or he acts like he doesn’t believe in climate change to excite his base and please the fossil fuel industry executives, who he is proud to serve. Hahahahaha. Or we could laugh, if the science wasn’t so damn terrifying.
Latest research suggests future impacts of warming were grossly underestimated. Extreme weather would not be possible without human-caused emissions. Arctic melting is worse than any time in recorded history. But yeah, we need some Global Warming so Trump can quit freezing his saggy ass off.
So easy it is to be despondent, but there are countless people, who will not let the squad of fiendish beings infesting the halls of power win by taking their eyes off the prize. They understand what it means to struggle and are in it for the long haul. They recognize Trump’s presidency is a speed bump on a winding path toward economic, environmental, racial, and social justice.
These are the people who give me hope. They initially stopped the travel ban in its tracks. They are willing to put their bodies on the line to stand up for undocumented immigrants facing deportation. They are willing to stand up to police, who engage in brutality. They are willing to fight against slave labor in U.S. prisons. They are willing to take direct action to disrupt the construction of oil and gas pipelines that will destroy land (often, it seems, sacred and belonging to indigenous people).
If we believe we do not have any power to stop any of this madness, then not only are we lying to ourselves about what we’re capable of accomplishing but we are also surrendering to dark forces.
On a much, much, much lighter note, I look forward to challenging myself in 2018 to accomplish more individually and through my media organization, Shadowproof.
I look forward to a 2018 with more opportunities to laugh and play, to find joy when it is needed most to anchor and keep from burning out.
I look forward to a 2018 with far more afflicting of the comfortable and a healthy amount of comforting the afflicted.
Thanks to everyone who supported my work this past year!
Onward to 2018!
[*Back to partying.]
However, if these places are too familiar to you, let’s take a vietnam cambodia tours to discover more new things.

AMY GOODMAN: —public schools remaining closed today after the state teachers’ union remained on strike over the high cost of health insurance

AMY GOODMAN: —public schools remaining closed today after the state teachers’ union remained on strike over the high cost of health insurance. It was believed that the strike was ending yesterday, when Virginia Governor Jim Justice agreed to boost teacher salaries by 5 percent in the first year of a new contract, but the teachers said the deal wasn’t enough to offset skyrocketing premiums in the Public Employees Insurance Agency.

ARRRRRGGGGG! – I was comning home

ARRRRRGGGGG! – I was comning home and thought I’d stop by my supermarket, PAVILIONS on Vine and Melrose, to pick up a 24 pack of Coke-Zero and then head on home for good. LITTLE DID I REALIZE…that the interior of the spacious Pavilions would be filled with wall-to-wall extras from just about every movie where people are rushing to the supermarket to get supplies that will last them until the crisis is over.
It’s just fucking New Year’s Eve, NOT The Zombie Apocalypse….motherfuckers. I bent down to retrieve my soda package and was promptly run over by a pretty brunette pushing her shopping cart. She had room, but there was another person a few yards down with a shopping cart filled with enough food to feed Biafra and I guess the pretty brunette was anticipating a collision so she used my ass as a through-way.
Now you must understand that there was nothing but sheer pandemonium all over the place…all I wanted was to get my Coke Zero and split.
I tried to get into one aisle that might have less panic so that I may walk through and get up to the cash registers….the nearest aisle had (among other things) two middle-aged women blocking it with their shopping carts and they seem to be blathering on about some socker mom type of thing. As I backed out and went up the next aisle I heard a gruff voice say…"WILL YOU PLEASE GET THOSE FUCKING CARTS OUT OF THE WAY!!!" Proving my point that if you wait a bit, someone will do your job for you.
By the time I got up to the registers there seemed to be less people, but that is probably because some of the shoppers had eaten the others.
Luckily in the line I was in, there was a couple with a small bunch of stuff and….ONE LITTLE OLD CHINESE GUY WITH ONE ITEM. Then me. The couple was waited on, their stuff bagged and they were out of there. Then the little old Chinese guy.
The cashier recognized the little old man as a Mr. Woo (or something) and proceeded to chat him up at length. He smiled at everything she said, showing teeth that looked like graveyard stones in an abandoned cemetery. He kept saying…"Yeah….yeah…." I wondered how much of the cashier’s verbal intercourse he understood. HE HAD ONE ITEM!!!!! ONE!!!!
So as not to make this vlog go on like it’s something Herman Melville had written I got out of there and am now in my underwear at home, continuing my Three Stooges marathon.  Looking for something else? See the list of lowes promotion code 20 off, sale and weekly ad and more. Shop now!

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